Grow with me. Anytime. Anywhere.

"I want to feel more comfortable in my body. I am feeling disconnected. I want to get in shape, and I need accountability, but I don’t have the time."

Does this sound like you? I spent years asking myself the same question.

I didn’t feel like I had enough time to dedicate to myself. I wondered why it seemed so difficult for me to lose weight, but also why I spent so much of my time thinking about it. I didn’t feel supported or connected to myself or to the world around me, which resulted in a lot of fear and self doubt. I was self conscious about the way I looked and felt in yoga pants because I just didn’t feel good. I remember walking into my first class at a studio wondering if I picked the right outfit, and slightly uncomfortable being around people who were, in my eyes, more fit than I was. I have always felt I have to be “good” at everything and yoga was no exception…until I realized it was.

And then a shift happened.

The more I practiced, the more comfortable I became. I began to understand that yoga is not a practice for anyone else, it is a practice for me. It is a practice for you. It is an individual practice that helps us connect to our bodies, understand our minds and get in tune with all that is within us and around us. This practice changed my life. Now I want to help you change yours.

Since my shift, I have worked with thousands of woman just like you, who were eager to let go of what held them back from stepping into their power and owning their bodies with confidence. These students have found a consistent physical practice that feels good and accessible in their bodies, it is amazing to witness. Seeing these students thrive has made me eager to touch more people with this life changing practice.

All of this has led me to you.

I have been there. I understand you. And I am with you. I did yoga videos at home for years before ever stepping foot into a studio. I have struggled with comparison my entire life. For years I struggled to connect with my body and feared I never could. I know I am not alone in this.


Yoga shifted my perspective entirely. Through my physical practice I have been able to find the connection I had been searching for, feel good in my body, and I am more comfortable than I’ve ever been. You can too. I want to meet you where you are, to help you gain the confidence in your body you deserve, through mindset coaching and yoga classes tailored to fit your needs, that you can do them anywhere, anytime.


The purpose of this call is to set your intention for the week, to share in a safe and supportive space, what it is you desire in your physical practice, body and how that will help support you in your daily life.

1. Weekly 1 on 1 Calls
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After our 1 on 1 call I will send you a yoga sequence to practice for that week based on the needs you express -- designed specifically for you and your body.

2. Personalized Yoga Classes

Every week you will receive a guided meditation based on the needs you express on our 1 on 1 call. You will begin to start your day with these powerful meditations.

3. Guided Meditation

You will be invited to a high vibe social support group where I will post encouragement to help you stay on track. A place to connect with like minded individuals who share similar desires as well as struggles and will help to lift you up.

4. Private Support Community

No matter where your at, you deserve to feel good.

I will create a custom plan to help you do just that!


I believe in alignment, so let’s talk about it! I invite you to a free 1 on 1 conversation with me to determine if we are a fit for one another. No judgment, no expectations, I’d love to hear how I can help you!

(plans vary from $29/mo to $99/mo)

Imagine a life where…

You dive in. You will gain flexibility, build strength, become more aware of what your body needs, so that you can feel more confident, comfortable and connected on your mat and in your life.


Now, imagine a life where you don’t…

If you don’t make time for yourself now, when will you? If you don’t dive in now, you may continue to move further away from your body and your health both physically, energetically and mentally. The circumstances will never be perfect, trust that the time is always now.