My yoga journey began 10+ years ago in a small town in Minnesota practicing yoga videos in my home. I was interested in a variety of physical activities, but yoga just felt good. It wasn’t long before I was hooked. In prioritizing my practice, I experienced shifts on a physical and deep energetic level. I decided to take on a 200 hour yoga teacher training the summer of 2014. Teacher training brought me closer to myself. It allowed me to get clear on my purpose and see the direction I wanted to move in. After completing my training I moved to Nashville, TN where I have been teaching and practicing yoga full time ever since.


When I began teaching, I felt the way it moved me. I began to see that when I do what moves me, it moves others. My life has been changed by my practice, and the more people I see transform their lives, the more I desire to help them. That is how I discovered that I am here to be a vessel for you to experience the same transformation that comes from dedicating your life to you.